The BrainBox Midi Interface for Akai EWI Instruments

brainbox For Akai EWI and EVI players, the wind controller *must* be accompained with the Akai brainbox synth module to output either midi or sound. This is due to the inherent "control voltage" (CV) approach of the EWI controller, and the synth module is required to translate that CV into working analog synth signals, or into a MIDI data stream.

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Many EVI/EWI players have commented that the synth sound portion of the EWI synth modules are not particularly useful, and hence they feel they are just lugging the Akai brainbox out onto a gig just to get the CV-to-midi function. That makes for a large, expensive CV-to-midi unit.

brainbox In response to the desire for a small, light, technically advanced CV-MIDI brainbox specifically designed for the Akai EWI/EVI wind controllers, WindWorks Design has produced the BrainBox(tm).

Six years in design and professional beta testing in the US and Europe, this unit is a 1/2 rack stand-alone module with an integral microcontroller for midi data generation. There is an analog front-end with threshold and gain front panel controls for each controller channel, plus 18 dip switches to set Midi Transmit Channel, EWI or Custom Modes, Controller Curve Selection, Controller Midi Assignments, Transposition, and other features. See detailed Specifications for the BrainBox for more information. Alpha and beta testing with experienced and professional musicians was successfully completed for over three years!

One of our beta testers was Jeff Kashiwa, EWI player and saxophonist. Jeff was instrumental in our international and gig testing. He took his beta unit on the road throughout the US and Europe for nearly a year. His feedback, along with our other beta testers was instrumental in the final software and hardware design.

"Finally! A light and portable brain for the EWI 3020 controller. This unit has great breath and vibrato response to allow full expression of your midi sounds. Its compact half rack size makes it perfect for the road!" - Jeff Kashiwa, internationally acclaimed recording artist and professional wind synth musician.

The Brainbox has been discontinued.