BrainBox FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the BrainBox

What are the enhancements to the Vibe Sensor?

While vibe appears to behave "switch like" to many, that's really a sensitivity issue. On the stock Akai unit, squeezing and holding the vibe makes pitch bend in a positive "blip". In other words, it's the rate of the squeeze that controls the depth of the blip. Hold the vibe sensor clenched in your teeth, and since there is not motion of the sensor, the pitch bend "blip" stops. Then when you release your clench, the motion of the sensor relaxing causes a pitch bend in a negative blip. The faster you bite, the bigger the blip (well, sort of). It's hard to detect, hence you feel like it's just a switch.

On our BrainBox(tm), we have built our analog input circuit to generate the same "blip" on pitchbend. It's useful and musical for generating vibrato. But, we added another circuit to the same controller signal and left out the "blip" circuit, so we just get a nice linear reaction from the vibe sensor. A linear controller that is based on how hard you are clenching, not the rate of clench. This works nicely when mapped to an inverse footpedal controller, allowing the vibe sensor to do new things like dampen a bass note, or similar function. Additionally, since not everyone wants the new vibe function to behave purely linearly, we have a curve select switch and you can set the response to either linear or exponential (and you can do that for each controller!).

So, I think that via our added analog circuits, and our software capability, we have not only duplicated most of the Akai functions, but expanded on many of them allowing the user to get the most out of each controller.

When will the BrainBox(tm) be available?

You can order the BrainBox(tm) right now! Please send us an email for pricing and ordering information. We work with our clients one-on-one for ordering this product.

How much will the BrainBox(tm) cost?

Pricing is comparable to a high quality, professional grade rack synthesizer. Please send us an email for pricing and ordering information. The BrainBox(tm) is made to order, and built for each customer. For the serious wind synth musician, the BrainBox(tm) is a very valuable, musical tool.