About WindWorks Design

WindWorks Design is an engineering firm devoted to the design and application of technology for music and entertainment technology. Started in 1998, the company has worked on many projects serving the music and lighting industry. We have a wide range of products for music technology applications, as well as offering theatre and architectural lighting design. We have been providing engineering solutions for private customers, especially applications for wind synthesizer for over 10 years. Early work has included experimental wind synthesizer controllers, re-keyed WX7 wind synthesizer controller for brass style fingerings, and custom midi interfaces for guitars and research projects.

Theatre and theatre lighting technology is a growing area for WindWorks Design. With over 25 years of theatre lighting design, we have provided lighting for hundreds of plays and performances. In addition to theatre lighting design projects, we have desgined and built custom lighting interfaces, dance-on keyboards for the musical "BIG", and elaboarate automated props. Look for our lighting offerings to grow substantially in the future.

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