A Power Supply and MIDI Interface for WX Wind Synth Controllers

wwbat WindWorks Design is pleased to introduce the WW-Bat, a compact, lightweight phantom power supply and MIDI interface designed for WX-series wind synthesizer controllers.

The WW-Bat was designed and built by wind synth musicians for wind synth musicians. It replaces the old Yamaha BT7 (BT-7). You can now plug a WX-series controller into any synthesizer. Use a WX cable (not included, but available separately) to connect your WX-series wind controller to the "WX In" jack, and use a standard MIDI cable (not included) to plug the WW-Bat into any synthesizer that has a standard MIDI-in jack. Click here to see how the WW-Bat can be used.

wwbat The WW-Bat uses a single alkaline 9-volt battery for power, not a bunch of AA batteries to fumble with as was the case for Yamaha's old BT7 interface. Don't like to use batteries for a gig? There is also a DC Power connector built in, for use with the optional DC Power Adapter (available separately).

"For those of you who do not have a WX port on your synthesizer, the WW-Bat is, in my opinion, the best way to power your WX series MIDI wind controller. The WW-Bat does what the now discontinued BT7 did, only it does it better." said Bob Norton, professional wind synth musician and owner of Norton Music.

wwbat The WW-Bat has a sturdy metal clip. Just plug in, clip it onto your rack case or belt, and you're ready to play. The WW-Bat is lightweight and small, about the size of a deck of cards. But don't let the size fool you. This is a rugged little unit.

The WW-Bat comes with an instruction sheet that shows you all you need to know about how to plug in and use your WW-Bat. Professional players will find the WW-Bat useful to take along on gigs, becoming an essential accessory.

"I must offer you my serious congratulations on a job well done. Well worth waiting for and it looks great too... like a serious piece of equipment for a professional musician instead of the "music toy" look for overgrown musical infants," said Gil Melle, jazz musician, composer, electronic instrument inventor, and Prestige recording artist.

Price and Ordering Information:

  • The WW-Bat is $87.95 US + $9.95 shipping & handling (continental US). Outside US will be $87.95 US + $19.95 shipping & handling.

  • The DC Power Adapter (120Vac mains only) is $17.95 US + $9.95 shipping & handling.

  • Need a Yamaha WX Extension Cable? Mini-DIN to Mini-DIN about 3m long. This is not included in the price of the WW-Bat, as it was included with most WX instruments. $64.95 US + $9.95 shipping/handling (continental US). Outside US will be $64.95 US + $25.95 shipping & handling.
  • wx cable

Special Note for non-US shipments: We are sorry to say that due to shipping issues internationally, we require that you accept responsibility for lost shipments once we show the item has been processed through the US postal service. We understand this is not ideal, but we have no control over your package once we have shipped it. Your non-US order constitutes agreement to accepting responsibility for shipments.

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WW-Bat Power Pack, $87.95 + $9.95 USA shipping & handling
WW-Bat Power Pack, $87.95 + $19.95 International shipping & handling
Optional AC/DC Power Adapter, 120Vac/60Hz Mains ONLY, $17.95 + $9.95 shipping & handling.
Yamaha WX Extension Cable, $64.95 + $9.95 shipping & handling.
Yamaha WX Extension Cable, $64.95 + $25.95 International shipping & handling.