Repair parts

Repair Parts for Wind Controllers, Wind Synthsizers, and DIY Audio

Yamaha Authorized Repair

We are pleased to be unique in offering a selection of repair parts for various music synthesizers and wind controllers, especially Yamaha. If you or someone you know does not have expertise at repairing, we suggest you utilize our Repair Services - we are a full service repair facility for wind controllers, related synthesizers, and theatre lighting equipment. We are a fully authorized repair center for Yamaha music synthesizers and wind controllers.

But if you wish to purchase your own repair parts, we are happy to accept your order for any of the parts and products shown below via check or money order mailed directly to us at the address below, or on-line via PayPal or using your credit card via PayPal. We happily accept PayPal from non-US customers. Please make sure you select the international choices where offered, which will add the appropriate shipping/handling.

Quantities are very limited - so we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased. We also reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to limit or exclude purchases from dealers and repair shops. Due to our inability to control how these parts are used in a repair, these parts are offered as-is to the end user. We do not accept returns of component parts (WW-Bat comes with it's normal warranty).

Special Note for non-US shipments: We are sorry to say that due to shipping issues internationally, we require that you accept responsibility for lost shipments once we show the item has been processed through the US postal service. We understand this is not ideal, but we have no control over your package once we have shipped it. Your order constitutes acceptance of shipment responsibility.

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