FET Booster

FET Booster Amp: A Preamp for Guitars, Basses, and Synths

fet booster WindWorks Design is pleased to introduce the FET Booster Amp, a compact, lightweight booster preamp for guitars, basses, and synths.

Designed to work with the latest amps as well as the old favorite tube amps, the FET Booster Amp? lets you get a hotter signal from your instrument to your amp, whether you want a clean, smooth boost in gain, or faster distortion. This unit is lightweight and small, about the size of a deck of cards, and will run for hundreds of hours on a single alkaline 9-volt battery for power. This tiny preamp offers up to 14 dB of mid-bass boost and 8.5 dB from 10KHz out to 40KHz!

Fet frequency response curve Specifications
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 40KHz
  • Gain: 8.5dB gain with 14dB gain in mid-bass
  • Dimensions: 10 x 2.5 x 6 cm (4 x 1 x 2.4 in.)
  • Weight: 63 g (2.2 oz.)
  • Power Source: one 9-volt alkaline battery

Just use standard ?" cables to plug the FET Booster Amp? between your instrument and any amp. This little amp even works well with synths, providing a bigger bottom from the mid-bass boost. Guitar, base, synth, or line level audio gear; any place where you need clean boost to a signal, the FET Booster Amp? will work well.

fet booster hookup

"I've been having a blast with this thing." said Monte Allums a.k.a. T-Von of Superior Sound Designs. "Man, it really slams the front end of my tube amps."

T-Von was so impressed, he offered his exceptional guitar skills to provide the following A-B comparison with and without the FET Booster Amp? between his guitar and amplifier. We think you will clearly hear the difference in these mp3 files - imagine what this sounds like live!!

Here's another satisfied user of the FET Booster Amp:

Ken Barry, president of Interface Music Corporation, wind synth and bass player, and inventor of the Wirething guitar pick, said "Very well balanced, punchy, full sound range. I NEED THIS BOX."

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Price and Ordering Information:

  • The FET Booster is $79.95 US +$6.95 shipping & handling (continental US). Outside US will be $79.95 US + $12.95 shipping & handling.

Payment can be made via check, money order, PayPal, or credit card using PayPal.

To order the FET Booster, please contact us via email, or registered PayPal users can pay via credit card or PayPal funds.

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StrAmp stereo booster amplifier & preamp, $169.95 + $8.95 USA shipping & handling.
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