This is a legacy page. The CV-Midi-Pro is no longer available.

CV-Midi PRO is a PC interface for EWI3020 and EWI3000 controllers from Akai. With this small interface about the size of a deck of cards, combined with our professional control software, you can define calibration points for controllers, set threshold and sensitivity, as well as select controller mapping, midi port selection, and other excellent configuration options.


  • EWI 30x0 front panel connector (works with EWI3000, EWI3020 controllers)
  • LED front panel indicator for power ON
  • DB25 connector and cable for connection to host computer parallel port
  • Wall wart power supply
  • CV-Midi PRO interface software, including:
    • parallel port selection
    • Midi port selection
    • Win98SE, Win2000, WinXP compatable
    • cv_midi_01
    • controller threshold and sensitivity controls
    • controller midi output assignments
    • key and octave calibration
    • other outstanding configuration settings

Special note

This interface REQUIRES a parallel (printer) port on your computer. We do not have a USB or Serial interface version, and adapters are not certified to work.


cv_midi_01 The software is the most important part of this EWI-to-PC interface. The software was specifically designed to allow maximum user flexibility and enhance the musical experience. All the familiar controls from the Akai EWI module control panel are available in software such as sensitivity (gain) and threshold. But there's more. The Vibe sensor can be mapped to Modulation, where you get continuous control that is proportional to your bite. We have also added duo-note and full transposition features too!! Yet the software requires minimal computer power and will run on platforms down to 1MHz Pentium-II. To see all the details, including screen shots and user features, we encourage you to download and read the USER MANUAL (requires Acrobat Reader from Adobe).

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Pentium-II Computer, 1MHz minimum
  • Windows Operating System - Win98SE, Win2000, WinXP (Win7 and Vista are NOT supported)
  • 128M DRAM
  • DB25 parallel (printer) port
  • 25MB available disc space
  • EWI 3000 or EWI3020 Wind Controller with an EWI cable

CV-Midi PRO has been discontinued. We recommend the EWI-USB from Akai.