Theater Props & Custom Work

One of the most fun development projects at WindWorks Design is the development of custom, animated theatre props and other custom work. This is often a blend of our DMX and MIDI knowledge coupled with custom microprocessors boards and some off-the shelf components. We have made barrels explode via DMX command, light-up keyboards driven from MIDI data, illuminated costumes, realistic camping fires, and ghost effects. Lately we have been working more and more on video too.

Exploding barrel 2

Exploding barrel triggered by DMX built for the musical "Annie Get Your Gun."

Big keyboard

A custom midi-to-light controlled, stage-sized keyboard for the famous dancing piano scene from "BIG - the musical."


Customized playback in VLC playlist for "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"


Blinking LED Bow Tie and Glasses.


Fiber optic staff with high intensity LEDs.


LEDs and batteries installed in a staff to light up the eyes of the skull.

Skull Hat

LEDs and batteries installed in a headpiece to back light the eyes of the skull.