Green Laser Need help with laser technology? Our experience goes beyond laser projectors, although we do have three in our inventory of lighting gear. We have over 25 years of experience with DPSS, argon ion, HeNe, and laser diode applications into technical gear and laser scanning systems. Our experience includes work with several Fortune500 companies to specify and design in laser systems, including custom electronic controls.

In lighting, we know how to apply lasers for concert and dance events. We use a lighting design approach that's more visually interesting than just drawing pictures on the wall. We consider laser light to be a design element to compliment our overall lighting designs. We design and build some of our own optical systems, and can bring more technical experience than most in the business.

One of our projects was a complete XY laser projection system including blanking. This was produced as part of the "Imagine RIT" event several years back. Photos of the projection systems are shown her at: XY Laser System 2010.