Light Bulb Museum

Who doesn't love the soft amber glow of an incandescent filament in an old school light bulb? We sure love them. We love incandescent lamps so much that we collect them! And we have friends who help us collect them. As we see the LED light come of age, soon our beloved filament bulbs will be a thing of the past. We have already seen arc lamps take over the high wattage segment, with LEDs close behind. And lets all please forget compace flourescent (CFL) as soon as we can. While useful in the bedroom closet or kitchen light, flourescent lamps will hopefully soon be gone. So this site is dedicated to the awesome incadescent filament light bulb.

Have any incandescent lamps/bulbs you want to donate? The older the better. We especially like high power theatre lamps. Please write to us if you have something to donate. We will gladly pay all packing and shipping charges for donations we accept.