Lighting Stencils for Visio®

Looking for lighting stencils for Visio®? Want a more professional look to your design drawings but don't want to invest in a long learning curve for big CAD tools? Then buy our lighting stencils for Visio®!

stencilset3 stencil1 stencilset2

Beyond just lighting instruments, there are also stencils for consoles, foggers, and truss. There are even stencils for automated (moving) lights!

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Above you can see the complete set of fixtures and rigging that come on the stencils. These come to you as two Visio® stencil files for a total of 74 stencils. These are delivered via email, all for the very affordable price of $9.95.

The online store will be closed until May 31st. We are sorry for any inconvenience.