Lighting White Papers

Martin LightJockey Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide for Martin "Light Jockey" lighting controller.

MLC-16 Pattern Programming Quickstart Guide

A quick start guide for creating patterns with the Leviton/NSI MLC-16 Lighting Console.

Introduction to Lighting Equipment

A basic introduction to theatre and entertainment lighting equipment.

Basic Steps to Theatre Lighting Design

An introductory tutorial for new students of theater lighting design.

Managing Student Based Lighting Designs

A guide for teachers and advisors on how to manage students through their first lighting design.

Fog/Strobe Warning Signs

Fog and strobe warning signs, both serious and funny versions.

Lighting Crew Startup and Shut-Down Checklists

A simple checklist for show startup and shut-down. Especially useful for student run theatre productions.

Extension Cord Ampacities

A guideline of current carrying capabilities (ampacity) of common extension cords.

VLC Video Pause

How to insert a PAUSE into a VideoLan VLC Playlist.