Exploding Barrel

For the play "Annie Get Your Gun", WindWorks Design was contracted to design and build an exploding barrel that would provide an amusing and interesting explosion effect for each performance. Triggered via 4 independent channels of DMX, this barrel first opened its lid via pneumatic cylinder, triggered a fogger, lights, a fan and two independent confetti cannons. The entire barrel was built onto a rolling cart. Inside the barrel was a DMX relay pack, compressed air storage tank, compressed air relay, 6 pneumatic cylinder, spring hinge on the lid, 5 mini-strobes, one dual-gelled par fixture, blower fan with silver Mylar fluttering strands, and two electrically triggered confetti cannons. Before each performance, the compressed air storage tank was filled to 80PSI and the fogger was pre-heated. When wheeled on stage, it was connected to the main DMX universe where it was triggered via programming in the main lighting console.

Exploding barrel 7 Exploding barrel 1 Exploding barrel 2 Exploding barrel 3 Exploding barrel 4 Exploding barrel 5 Exploding barrel 6