What others say about WindWorks Design...

"The lighting production in these shows consistently not only impresses me, but stuns me. Thank you for all you do, your time, effort, and artistry."

- Theater Photographer in 2015

"Just ordered two switches from your site. Big thank you for the disassembly tips."

- Stephen, customer in 2014

"I am glad to tell you that I have already recieved the WW-Bat. Extremly fast shipping :-) So I just want to thank you for for your very good service. I will gladly recommend you to my friends!"

- Björn, customer in 2011

"Thank you for your time and work to create these stencils! They're going to be a life saver."

- MW, stencil customer in 2011

"Finally the +1/-1 octave key of my WX5 broke, so I ordered a replacement from WindWorks. They shipped it extremely fast, obviously within hours and it arrived only a few days later here in Germany. A big thank you to WindWorks!"

- ID, wind synth musician in 2010

"The show was phenomenal. You did a fantastic job with the lighting and the way you pulled everything together. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable it was..."

- MBC, audience member commenting on Rince na Saor dance recital in 2010

"Thank you and your staff for being such an "excellent service" to us out here in "E-Land"."

- VT Smith, professional musician commenting on repair services in 2009

"Got It! Thanks a Million- works great in visio. You guys are the greatest. I can't thank you enough for your prompt responses, and for the product. You can bet I'll recommend you to others."

- Lee Barker, President, Puyallup Valley Engineering & Sound from 2008

"Your package has just arrived on my desk. Everything is A-OK. We'll be recording during the weekend of 2-3 Februari, so the timing is excellent! I'll let you know how that works out, can hardly wait..."

- Gertjan van Oosten from 2008.

"It is good to know that both here in the States and also in Europe, WindWorks Design has great professionals! Keep up the good work."

- Tomas H. from 2006.

"Wonderful repair. My instrument is like new again!"

- repair client from 2006.

"Excellent work! Thank you."

- repair client from 2005.

"Was on vacation for a week and came home to find the WW-Bat in the mailbox. Thanks for the great product I love it!"

- Chris R. from 2003.

"Thank you so much for [the] work. I really appreciate it."

- repair client from 2003.

"I must offer you my serious congratulations on a job well done. Well worth waiting for and it looks great too... like a serious piece of equipment for a professional musician..."

- Gil Melle, jazz musician, composer, electronic instrument inventor, and Prestige recording artist about the WW-Bat in 2002.

"Thanks to you and Bob for the excellent work."

- custom engineering client from 2002.

"If your [wind synth] (or anyone else's) needs repair, allow me to recommend our own Wind Wizard, Art Whitfield of WindWorks Design"

- Bob Norton, professional wind synth musician, and owner of Norton Music.

"I'd like to acknowledge the following in their essential roles and help with this project: Art Whitfield at WindWorks Design, for helping with inventive directions..."

- Ken Barry, Inventor of the WireThing Guitar Pick and professional jazz musician.

"Ever grateful for your expertise."

- repair services client from 2001

"It works great - - thanks for your help and your expertise. I look forward to having my other WX7 working as well"

- repair services client from 1999