The People at WindWorks Design:


WindWorks Design is successful because of the exceptional people who work here, and the associated professional companies who provide specialized services to us. Here is some biographical information on just who makes up WindWorks Design:

Art Whitfield


President - Art has over 25 years in professional engineering, engineering management, and business with two different Fortune500 companies. His technical expertise is in manufacturing engineering, concept engineering, and analog design. A 1996 National Inventor of the Year, he also is a wind synthesizer musician.

Bob Smith


Chief Engineer - Bob has over 25 years of experience as a professional engineer, most with a Fortune500 company. As chief engineer, Bob specializes in software, with skills in Information Technology, Unix, C, Visual Basic, PIC Assembly, and general uP assembly programming. Bob is also an accomplished keyboard player who has a strong preference for Analog Synths.

Guy Zumpetta


Custom Speaker Design, Graphics Design - Guy has been designing custom speakers and enclosures for various clients for over 10 years, including the main monitor speakers at WindWorks Studios. He also has over 25 years of experience with major firms in technical writing, graphic design, and ad creation. Our logo graphics are Guy's handiwork. When not building speakers or beautiful graphic creations, he is performing music on his WX7 Wind Synth.

Lance Fuller


CAD Schematic Capture - Lance has over 30 years of experience in electrical product design and 15 years in electronics CAD, most with Fortune 100 companies. His experience includes Orcad, Mentor Graphics, Visio, Ace+, and other CAD tools. We are not sure about his musical abilities, so let's just remain silent about that.



QA, User Manual Creation, Shipping/Logistics Manager - M.Case has over 25 years of experience in QA, SQA, technical writing, graphic arts, and chemistry. A skilled bass player in several local bands, M.Case also has been playing flute and wind synth for over 10 years as part of a musical duet. Oh yea, M.Case has also been a ski jumper in the past!

Chris Kralles


Chief Mechanical Engineer - Chris has 20+ years of experience in mechanical engineering, with several Fortune 500 firms. His skills include large equipment design, automation mechanics, sheet metal, prismatic, molding, fixtures, and complex web handling. He is proficient in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, various FEA tools, DFM, and DFA When not designing mechanical marvels, Chris is a top notch jazz/swing trumpet player as well as proficient with percussion.

Graham Fearnhead


WWD European Office - Graham has 25 years experience in electronic engineering including hardware, software, ASIC and systems design. After leading a team of system design and ASIC experts at a leading telecommunications networking company, he has been responsible for the IPR portfolio of a leading mobile telephone positioning systems company in Cambridge England. He and his wife are both keen wind synthesiser players enjoying chamber music making with an early, lyrical and classical flavour.

Doug Fenster


Software and Systems Design - Doug has over 30 years of experience in software design, including significant experience in aerospace, consumer electronics, professional photography, and image processing. He rarely plays a musical instrument, but does freelance photography and theatre lighting in his non-existant free time.

Walt Foley


Analog/Digital/Systems Design - Walt has over 30 years of experience in electronic design, including deep experience in various uP, embedded design, ADC and DAC precision applications for imaging, CCD imager application, analog front end architecure, laser imaging, instrumentation amplifier design, Altera and similar PLD applications. Walt also has extensive experience with design tools such as Orcad, Mentor Graphics, Ace+ and similar CAD tools. Music? Yes, he listens to music.

Brendan Whitfield


Lighting Design/Automation Programming - Brendan has over 7 years of experience in lighting design, automated light programming, and laser projection. He has designed and built laser projectors. Automated light programming credits include Tempo Lebre, "The WIZ", and "Once on this Island". Brendan is skilled at programming MLC-16, Martin Light Jockey, and ETC consoles. When it comes to music, Brendan plays guitar and pipe organ. He's currently building a home sized pipe organ.

Kevin Whitfield


Lighting Design/Automation Programming/Web Site Design - Kevin designed this entire site, including flash animation. An accomplished graphics designer, Kevin's media graphics have been used in the 2008 World Music Awards. He designs lights for various bands and theatres, in addition to programming automated lights. His experience includes programming Martin Light Jockey, Avolites, NSI, and ETC consoles. Musically, Kevin designs, builds, and plays his own guitars. His guitar designs of course include internal lights!

WindWorks Design Advisory Board

WindWorks Design is grateful for the following who provide ongoing advice and guidance:
Walter Gurney, Bob Norton, Nick Batzdorf, Ken Barry

Additional Credits

WindWorks Design is grateful for the following who contributed to our company and website. We would like to acknowledge the following people and companies:

  • Theatre Photo Credits for Odyssey Music and Drama performances: Gary Elling, Sheridan Vincent, and Eric Hoyt.
  • Website Design and Layout: Kevin Whitfield
  • Website Flash Animation: Kevin Whitfield, Evan Anthony
  • Product Photos: M.Case, Art Whitfield
  • Other lighting photos: Art Whitfield, Kevin Whitfield, Brendan Whitfield
  • CAD Circuit Board layout for BrainBox: Alex Protasiewicz at Lorac Design
  • Others who have helped over the years: Brandon Brown, Matt Herres, Chuck Marfione, Chris Henning, Kim Lowell, Lou Calarese, Dan MacKenzie, Andy Greco, MJ Davidson, Chris Reddy.