End User License Agreement

Software is the intellectual property of WindWorks Design, and is provided only as an end user license and not sold outright. This includes, but is not limited to stencils, CAD models, templates, voices, patches, and other software products. There is no warranty, written or implied, except for functional performance as described. Users who purchase a product with included software, or purchase a license to use a software-only product, are not permitted to copy, distribute, or sell without written permission of WindWorks Design, except for personal copies retained strictly for backup purposes.

THIS LICENSE APPLIES ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AND IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. If you sell or give away your computer, you are required by law to remove these files before it leaves your possession.

IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM WINDWORKS DESIGN OR FROM AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POSSES IT OR USE IT IN ANY WAY OR FORM. Any possession, use, or distribution of an unauthorized software product or file may result in legal action being taken against you and may result in a fine and/or jail term. We are required by International Copyright Law to police and protect our copyrights. If you have obtained a copy illegally, please contact us to convert it to a legal copy.

Although you have a license to use the software in the above-described manner, it is understood that WindWorks Design RETAINS ALL COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP OF THE SOFTWARE. (All rights Reserved.)

Special note: Software license purchases are NOT RETURNABLE. We will replace the software if it is found to be defective or corrupted in email transit to you.

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